Here at Thomas Braun D.D.S., we are understand that many patients may have concerns prior to treatments, we are happy to put your thoughts at ease and answer any of your questions. We are proud to serve patients in Crest Hill, Illinois and the surrounding communities.

One of the first goals when you come into our office is to educate you. We want you to feel comfortable in our office. We understand that some of the treatment terms and procedures may be confusing, but we are happy to clear any of them up for you. We never want you feeling uncertain and are happy to put you at ease by answering any of your questions. Prior to any treatment, we will go through exactly what we will be doing. We will educate you from start to finish about the procedure. You will know that you are in good hands.

We always practice safety in whatever we are doing at Thomas Braun D.D.S.. We always use the latest technology to ensure that you are being treated the best and safest way possible. This will create less radiation and a quicker recovery time. We make your safety a priority at all times.

Prior to any of our services, especially when we are sedating you, we always sterilize everything. We dispose a lot of our equipment after just one use to ensure your safety during the IV process. We keep our entire office very clean as well including all of our instruments.

We always want you to feel comfortable when you visit us. Our office has a calming environment that is sure to put you at ease. We will answer any questions that you have as we go along. We understand that the dentist can cause anxiety for some people. We will always do our best to assist you during your visit. Our entire staff wants you to enjoy your visit with us, and helping you to become comfortable is one of the many ways to can help make this happen.

For those people that are not able cope with their fears, we are able to assist you with this. We are proud to provide sedation for those patients. We typically do this through the use of an IV. This is completely safe and will ensure that you are still able to visit us and continue having a healthy mouth too.

We always use to latest equipment and techniques. This allows your treatment to go quicker and you to recover faster. We are always educating ourselves and always strive to learn more to better assist you. We carry special equipment in our office that that revolutionizes the way dental treatment works. If you ever have any questions regarding our services and treatment, you are always welcome to ask.

If you have any questions about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us at 815-744-7175.