Here at Thomas B. Braun D.D.S., we are proud to be able to offer our patients sinus graft surgery.

Sinus graft surgery (also called sinus augmentation) is a procedure used to add bone to your upper jaw near your molars and premolars. This is done by your maxillary sinuses.
A sinus graft is often needed when dental implants can’t be placed because a patient does not have enough bone height. This can be caused by bad anatomy, lost teeth, or periodontal disease.

An examination and radiographs need to be completed so the dentist can study a patient’s anatomy before doing the procedure. Most patients only complain about a little discomfort after the procedure. After a few months, patients will be able to get the dental implants they need.

Our dentists will tell you if you need a sinus graft. Contact us today to schedule your examination.